@SingleMaltDaily Is Taking Whiskey Tastings To A Whole New Level!

After our extremely successful launch of the Google x @SingleMaltDaily whiskey tastings, we came back for round 2, and that most certainly did not disappoint! Michter’s American Whiskey was the 2nd distillery to sign up and partake in the festivities. Coupled with their core range of whiskies, Google decided to make this event also themed, by going with southern food to match southern whiskey! That meant cooking 1200 lbs of hearty ribs, and a fantastic BBQ sauce competition to go along with those delectable, fall off the bone baby backs! Yum!


The range of whiskies we tasted included the US-1 Bourbon, Rye, and classic American Whiskey. For me, this is one brand of whiskey that converted me into a rye drinker. Before Michter’s, I really wasn’t feeling the harshness of the high abv that comes in a rye. But, a great saying with Micther’s is “heat with no burn”!

Overall, this was yet another great event, and already our 2nd in a month. Crazy to think that what started as something for fun wound up being a very beneficial and educational program to all parties involved. This is truly a program where some of the world’s brightest minds get to learn about these whiskies, and care more about the story and the production, than the actual taste itself. And, after all, isn’t a great whiskey mainly about the story?! 😉 Stay tuned for more great events coming up!

Cheers friends!


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