Google's first office scotch tasting

Google’s First Office Whiskey Tasting

In our first tasting at Google, things went off with a real bang! Vermont based Whistlepig Whiskey kicked off our first event, and they absolutely rocked the house!

Our event happen to fall on May the 4th, aka Star Wars Day, which made things even more fun, with actors dressed in costumes, the DJ dressed as some sort of trooper (I’m not versed in Star Wars), and amazing bites being handed out that went really well with the whiskey.

Michael of Whistlepig was pouring the 10 Year Straight Rye and 12 Year Old World Cask Finish generously, and the crowd simply could not get enough!


What I love about doing tastings at Google is that the entire crowd is full of people that are so eager to learn, engage, and make themselves better each day. They wouldn’t work at Google if they didn’t have that motivation. Therefore, when speaking to an eager crowd, it always makes the job of educating extra enjoyable!


Google staff


Questions arose about the types of casks, differences between types of whisky/whiskey, what types of glasses should be used, cubes or no cubes (in partial to 2 drops of hot water), and other great, random questions. Knowing that the spewing of knowledge to other individuals wasn’t going in one ear and out the other was a truly great feeling.


On our way to Google San Fransisco

Our next event, June 8th, will feature the great Michter’s whiskey (bourbon, rye, and sour mash). I can’t wait to recap what will surely be another phenomenal event! Stay tuned! Cheers friends!


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